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Roadies Revolution 2020 LIVE Auditions Open on Voot

Roadies Revolution LIVE Auditions

Roadies Revolution is coming up with all the new new episodes of this series. Therefore, if you’re interested to combine roadies live with gang leader then you’ve got to follow few straightforward steps. Here would be the Roadies Revolution LIVE Auditionsand Online registration available for you.

Roadies is a favorite childhood series. If you would like to be Roadie this season here is a chance. Roadies Revolution is running auditions live today.

What exactly are you waiting for, Roadies Revolution is only a couple of steps far. If you believe you have the skills for a Roadie register today! Fundamentally in this most reality shows have already been begins, therefore after the lockdown, many displays will come. This will be time to flaunt your hidden talent in subsequent registered, for example Singing, Dancing, and much more.

  • Click on enrollment for your audition.
  • Upload your audition video and receive a opportunity to be part of this LIVE audition of this Roadies Revolution from the group leaders that live on Facebook.
  • If you don’t understand them above, then click the enroll button, which will be cited below. Further, follow the easy actions to the enrollment.

Following these auditions, the winners will show that only 2 of all of the contestants can experience the Roadies travel.

Roadies Revolution LIVE audition Eligibility Criteria

  • The offender must be 18 decades and over.
  • The player must have the Voot Official program in their cell phone or some other device and have enrolled themselves around the Voot Program.
  • Participants must be supplying their email address into the Viacom18 whenever required.
  • Candidates should be audiences of this Program and popular childhood station MTV India.
  • Candidates must download and have a valid account on the next party-party-internet-based program”ZOOM Recruitment Platform”
  • The contestant should have a legitimate Facebook account.
    Contestants must be submitting the necessary evidence of title, age, address, nationality, citizenship, or some other if needed by the Viacom18.
  • Producers of this series need to stop the audition for the period because of coronavirus outbreak. And the nation is on lockdown on account of exactly the same.

However, as it’s said it’s Roadies Revolution the manufacturers will probably be going LIVE on Facebook alongside the gang leaders for running the audition for this season.

Basically, the series was launched on February 15, 2020. And because of Epidemic, the series has ceased by the station. But in this year no group and gang leader.

Rannvijay Singh as a part of this series from a number of seasons. Inside this lockdown year, the maha genius intended to do something brand new. That’s the reason they’ve begun a new innovation.

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