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MTV Roadies Winners

1. Roadies Season 1 : Rannvijay singh,2003

In 2003 first season accompany eight consistent and winner is rannvijay singh. After popularity of season one shows producer decided to make season 2. And also rannvijay in second season become a number .

2. Roadies Season 2 : Aayushmann Khurrana,2004

Aayushmann khurrana win Roadies season 2 and make history. In second season of Roadies have 10 consistent but Aayushmann khurrana wins. and obtain ₹5 lac and Hero Honda Karizma bike. After he started his career in Bollywood and music.

3. Roadies season 3 : Parul shahi,2005

After successful year 2004 director and producer decided to continue shows. this point more consistent added to the present show. Now thirteen members join the show and Roadies season 3 win parul shahi first ladies constentants win.

4. Roadies season 4 : Anthony Yeh,2006

Roadies sponsor “hero honda” give the winner bike and 5 lacs three seasons but after hug success of show didn’t increase prize . But contestants dont curious about price money but curious about popularity.

5. Roadies season 5 : Ashutosh Kaushik,2007

In year 2007 Ashutosh Kaushik win Roadies season 5. and obtain Hero Honda krizma bike and 5 lacs rupees. And become Roadies to prove his self.

6.Roadies season 6 : Nauman sait,2008

This time contestants increase thirteen to twenty. And this season punch line is “Hell Down Under” wins Nauman sait.

7.Roadies season 7: Anwar Syed,2010

Roadies season 7 gives lowest prize just ₹90,000 but show earns in crores. But Anwar syed is proud of wins Roadies season 7.

8. Roadies season 8: Aanchal Khurana,2011

After 2 season of Roadies contestants decrease twenty to 12 . And this is often second time ladies constentant win Roadies.

9. Roadies season 9: Vikas Khoker,2012

Roadies season 9 coming with punch line ” Everything Or Nothing” start with thirteen constentant. In thirteen constentant girls and boys but this point Vikas Khoker win and prove his power.

10.Roadies season 10: Palak Johal,2013

Season 10 winner’s palak johal is most entertaining constentant. And 6 old constentant return to the show. But whatever palak johal is win this season.

11.Roadies season 11: Nikhil sachdeva,2014

Nikhil sachdeva wins Roadies season 11. and therefore the punch line of season 11 is “ride for respect”. And this season shoot out of India most of your time go another country.

12.Roadies season 12: Prince Narula,2015

In season 12 new host come VJ bani. Roadies season 13 winner prince Narula win another reality show Big Boss.

13. Roadies season 13: Balraj singh,2016

This time sponsor of the show are change. during this season Ranault gives to winner Ranault duster and ₹5 lac. And added two more constentant now figure is twenty two. Show punch line is “your gang, your glory”.

14. Roadies season 14: Shweta Mehta,2017

In season 14 VJ bani retard to point out and specialise in movies. And this season winner is shweta Mehta and win Renault duster.

15. Roadies season 15: Kashish Thakur Pundir,2018

Roadies season 15 winner kashish Thakur was neha Dhupia’s gang member. And win Renault duster worth of ₹12.99 lacs. Also he’s fans favourite contestant.

16. Roadies season 16: Arun Sharma,2019

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